English Bangkok Street Show 2014
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Get Ready

Get start!

Get  your legs fit because you have to walk, walk and walk! to see all independent stages . Besides these stages located all around Lumpini Park, there are also Walk-Act performers who stroll around the park to add a more fun atmosphere. If you’re lazy and want a highlight spot, sorry to say that there’s none. That’s because all local and international performers in the festival have their own interesting style. It’s hard to explain how amusing it’s gonna be but you have to experience it yourself!

More is better 

Frankly, don’t go to the festival alone - bring friends and family! All ages are all welcome because everyone can laugh. It’s a good idea to bring all the family or a bunch of friends to hang out here instead of going to a beer garden.

Someone said that if anyone saw this kind of show in other countries, they will surely want to have the festival in their own country. Because when there’s this kind of event, the city will turn into a joyful town. Everybody smiles, families come together, and couples have a romantic time. This is an extremely happy event!

Tricks to Treat the Show: 

Although it’s very easy to come to this free festival - with no rocket science knowledge needed - you can’t make yourself at home. There are some rules you should know:

  • If you like the front row, please sit down. Then you won’t block anyone’s view.
  • Yes, you can stand if you are at the back.
  • Please kindly pay attention to children, women and seniors.
  • If you like what you see, (don't forget to fill the hat) show your appreciation by tipping to the amount that you feel the show deserves and/or what you can afford.
  • No need to be quiet but please pay attention.
  • No telephone conversation during the show will be appreciated.
  • No talk but whisper with care
  • Please take photos with flash off.
  • Bring your own mat fo sitting down.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are not allowed in the public park area
  • Please use public tranportation due to limited of parking lot. (Subway and Sky Train are highly recommended.)

Forget me not

It will be a shame if you prepare everything but forgot the time and place. So, 12-14 December 2010, 3pm-9pm at Lumpini Park